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Re: Question about copy-region-as-kill

From: Alan Shutko
Subject: Re: Question about copy-region-as-kill
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 18:03:07 -0500
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Karl Eichwalder <address@hidden> writes:

> Yes and that's plain wrong--as a user I sufferd by this behavior.  If
> you copy a word from a (bold) title line you don't want to stay the
> word bold within your running text.

OTOH, if you copy a book title which you marked in italics, you do
want the italics to come with.  If you copy a paragraph that you
carefully marked up with bold emphasis in places, courier font for
command text, and some underlines for good measure, you _also_ want
the properties to come with.

Clearly, the only real answer to this is to make it possible to choose
on a per-kill basis whether you want the properties to come with, and
let the user choose the default.

Alan Shutko <address@hidden> - In a variety of flavors!
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