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customize-saved in the customize menu?

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: customize-saved in the customize menu?
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 17:14:23 +0100

I think it would be useful for this to be in the "Options/Customize
Emacs" menu.  (I was going to write "I think it would be useful if there
was such a command" until I realised there was one.)

I think "Recently Changed Options..." entry should be renamed "Recently
Changed Options in Emacs..." to avoid potential confusion---users
assuming that it is for their own recently changed options---or perhaps
instead just change the tooltip from "... recent versions" to "...
recent Emacs versions".

So, the menu could look like this:

Top-level Customization Group
Browse Customization Groups
Changed Customization Options           (new entry, command
Recently Changed Options in Emacs...    (maybe renamed from Recently
Changed Options...)
Specific Option...

Ta, Simon.

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