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Emacs for Mac OS X

From: Andrew Choi
Subject: Emacs for Mac OS X
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 20:28:31 -0600

Hi Richard,

Sorry it took such a long time.  After much testing and catching up
with changes that have been made, I now have a patch with respect to
the latest CVS version of Emacs that will allow it to run quite stably
on Mac OS X.  It supports most of version 21's features except images.

The patch consists of small changes to many source files.  These
should be safe because they are conditioned on the MAC_OS, MAC_OS8, or
MAC_OSX macros.

There are also small changes to configure.in, make-dist,
src/Makefile.in to allow the configuration and build process to work.

Change logs are updated.  The mac/README and mac/INSTALL files are
updated.  The Mac OS section of the manual is also updated.

The biggest change involves removing the files mac/src/mac.c,
mac/src/macfns.c, mac/src/macmenu.c, mac/src/macterm.c,
mac/inc/macgui.h, and mac/inc/macterm.h, and placing new versions of
these files in src.

A new directory mac/Emacs.app is added.  Three new files
src/unexmacosx.c, src/m/powermac.h, and src/s/darwin.h are added.

The entire patch is written by me.  A few changes are due to Tsutomu
Ikegami.  We have both filed assignment papers with FSF.

The patch and the new files can be found at:


I have write access to the CVS and can also check in this patch.
Would you like me to do this?  Also, should I add it to the head


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