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Re: The minibuffer vs. Dialog Boxes (Re: Making XEmacs be more up-to-dat

From: Brady Montz
Subject: Re: The minibuffer vs. Dialog Boxes (Re: Making XEmacs be more up-to-date)
Date: 19 Apr 2002 12:01:45 -0700
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Andy Piper <address@hidden> writes:

> At 09:27 AM 4/19/02 -0700, Brady Montz wrote:
> >1. actual widgets, with an abstraction layer that allows a single lisp
> >    spec of them to work on multiple backends - gtk, qt, cocoa,
> >    vt100. This might restrict them to be fairly simple, but that's not
> >    necessarily a bad thing. I think speedbar and customize are good
> >    examples of us straining against the limits of text.
> So we actually have this in XEmacs. Its not complete, it has rough edges, but
> its a start. It would be great if we could come up with a standard lisp API
> (common to both XEmacs and Emacs) for doing this sort of stuff. For instance
> this is the XEmacs search dialog:

That's the impression I'd gotten. I haven't yet had the chance to take
a look at it. 

Am I mistaken that the differences between gtk and other native
graphics code is exposed to lisp? That is, the lisp widget library
knows about them?

 Brady Montz

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