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Re: PRIMARY selection doesn't work

From: Michael Kifer
Subject: Re: PRIMARY selection doesn't work
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2002 13:49:27 -0400

>>>>> "EZ" == Eli Zaretskii <of Sat, 20 Apr 2002 09:27:24 EDT> writes:

    >> From: address@hidden (Michael Kifer)
    >> Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 12:43:48 -0400
    EZ> Also, does
    EZ> x_handle_selection_request (defined on xselect.c) get called when you 
    EZ> paste into another X application, and if so, could you step with a 
    EZ> through it and see what happens inside x_handle_selection_request and 
    EZ> subroutines that prevents pasting from working?
    >> The above function gets called, but unfortunately I am not familiar with
    >> this code and with the internals of X.
    >> When I step through this function I occasionally get a coredump in random
    >> places or it hangs in
    >> 2616         c = kbd_buffer_get_event (&kb, used_mouse_menu);
    >> in keyboard.c
    >> Otherwise -- nothing suspicious :-)
    >> If I just let it continue without stepping then it doesn't hang or
    >> coredump, but doesn't paste either.

    EZ> Weird...

    EZ> Do you see any change in behavior if you change the value of
    EZ> selection-coding-system?  For example, what happens if you type
    EZ> "C-x RET x latin-1 RET" and then mark a region of pure ASCII
    EZ> characters and type "M-w"--can you paste that text into other
    EZ> applications?  Please also try with "C-x RET x compound-text RET".

Absolutely -- it starts working!
Both latin-1 and compound-text work.

But the default selection-coding-system  is compound-text-with-extensions
and this doesn't work.


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