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Re: bindings reserved for users

Subject: Re: bindings reserved for users
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 09:49:57 EDT

> > What about non-ascii characters?
> Date: 4/20/02 11:28:15 AM MDT
> From: address@hidden (Richard Stallman)
> Since such characters are not available
> on all terminals, ...
> People won't want to use these keys
> in major modes or minor modes
> meant for general use.

Eh?  But Emacs by default already does bind
infamously country-specific keys to general
uses e.g:

overwrite-mode is on insert
abort-recursive-edit is on C-]
ESC is on C-[

People _do_ like to bind general uses to
country-specific keys?


Do you mean to say C-c "letter" gives me a
mnemonic play space of my own ... only if I
learn to think in [a-zA-Z] English letters?

> only if I learn to think in ... English

Why does Emacs offer, for personal use,
by default, only the C-c "letter" keys and
some F keys?

Personally I'd prefer an escape key for
translating to Emacs from the locally
conventional key map.

For example, M-o C-c could tell me:
"kill-ring-save is on C-insert, M-w".
C-c C-c can't tell me this because in the
major-mode C, already C-c C-c means

> M-o

C-h b describe-bindings tells me M-n M-o M-p
are not bound, but ( C-h i m emacs RET m
keymaps RET ) doesn't mention that fact.

gnu.emacs.help may someday tell me why.

Pat LaVarre

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