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Re: The minibuffer vs. Dialog Boxes (Re: Making XEmacs be more up-to-da

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: The minibuffer vs. Dialog Boxes (Re: Making XEmacs be more up-to-date)
Date: 22 Apr 2002 00:38:38 +0900
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>>>>> "Andy" == Andy Piper <address@hidden> writes:

    >> The feature of using toolkit widgets seems very powerful.
    >> Could you find out the names of all the people who wrote the
    >> code which implements this?  If they are willing to sign
    >> papers, maybe we could use the code in Emacs.

    Andy> I think the copyright for this particular feature is almost
    Andy> exclusively owned by me. However, the code all relies on
    Andy> support that Ben wrote - so you would need to get papers
    Andy> from both Ben and me.

Are you sure?  There has long been support for subwindows (but it's
been broken since 19.1something).  Are you sure you used none of that,
or did you write that in a previous incarnation?  Also, anything that
Ben wrote is almost certainly polluted with Sun copyrights.

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