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Please avoid using Xutf8* API.

From: 宮下 尚:HIMI
Subject: Please avoid using Xutf8* API.
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 01:46:36 +0900
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I'd like to suspend that issue ("PWD") right now,
because I found more serious problem in the current Emacs.

The latest xterm.c uses Xutf8* API(Xutf8LookupString) to obtain
lookup strings if XmbLookupString, but I'd like to strongly recommend
not to use such APIs as a maintainer of Xlib-I18N.

Xutf8* APIs was suddenly introduced into XFree86 abruptly without
concensus.  After the developper noticed the change, there had been
tremendous discussions including flames to revoke these APIs.

Unfortunately, without any sound discussions, these APIs were
incorpolated and shipped with XFree86-4.0, thus these are very very
controversial APIs even now.  X.Org will never accept these APIs.
Xlib-I18N distributed by Li18nux.org does not contain those neither.
Furthermore, any works on these APIs are completely stopped because
many developpers make objections to these APIs.  

I believe that XmbLookupString() is sufficient in the
current Emacs.  In order not to cause serious compatibility
problems, please please refrain to use these APIs in Emacs.

I couldn't find the discussions that corresponds to this change
in emacs-devel ML, but from ChangeLog, this change seems to be
introduced on 4/16.  Could you please teach us why do you need
this change, Mr.Monnier?

For the requirements that we should be able to use UTF-8 string
independently from the locale, we will propose more reliable APIs by
extending XLC APIs.  If you'd like to require it, please wait for that.

  With regards,

from himi

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