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Re: Insert Euro symbol

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Insert Euro symbol
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 09:25:56 +0300

> It's very convenient for people who don't use a latin-x input method
> normally but want to only insert a character or two.

Is that because you have some other input method active?  Because
otherwise, the number of keystrokes to toggle input method, type the
character, then toggle again is the same as with C-x 8.

C-x 8 is just another input method these days.  Except that it
doesn't behave like one, and that causes confusion among users and
makes the documentation more difficult to write.

If it is a frequent problem with the Euro that people need to insert
them when they have a non-Latin input method active, perhaps we should
add the Euro to some non-Latin input methods as well.

> I didn't even know that C-x 8 is defined to insert `latin-1' characters,
> I just though it was a handy package for inserting common characters
> from the non-ASCII latin set.  To me having it be able to insert the
> euro sign sounds like a natural and useful extension.

I suspect that other characters will follow.

> please don't `deprecate' the functionality -- I really like it and
> use it often.

If there another functionality that does the same and doesn't require
more keystrokes, will you consider switching?

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