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Re: kill ring menu

From: Colin Walters
Subject: Re: kill ring menu
Date: 23 May 2002 01:11:54 -0400

On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 00:26, Miles Bader wrote:

> You're right, it's just that the whole thing feels vaguely kludgey; I
> have this nagging feeling that there's a more general solution lurking
> just around the corner.

I understand.  I don't particularly like how hardwired it is, or the
fact that it has to be implemented for all the window systems Emacs
supports (although doing so is trivial, or at least it was for X).

> For instance, here's a random idea (i.e., not well thought out!):
> instead of hardwiring `font-lock-face', how about a buffer-local
> variable that holds `alternative property mappings'?

It sounds reasonable, and I imagine it would be easier on the programmer
than the category approach.  It's not immediately obvious to me how to
best implement it.  It's such a general variable that I would hesitate
to hardcode font-core.el into pushing ((face font-lock-face)) onto the
alist, since the user may want their own alternative properties for
`face', etc...

And sometimes little details can come back and make things more
complicated, like how the need for uninterned symbols did with the
category approach.  I don't know if that would happen with this
approach, but I hope you'll understand if I say that I've rather filled
my desire for reimplementing font-lock interfaces just to find things
like that out :)  Would you like to try implementing your suggestion?

The nice things about `font-lock-face' are that it's pretty easy to
understand, it has essentially zero chance of breaking backwards
compatibility, and it's already implemented.  With that said though, I
think this discussion is good; I'd love to see a more general, yet
easy-to-use solution.

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