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Suggestion: create new file backups following turn of day

From: Marshall, Simon
Subject: Suggestion: create new file backups following turn of day
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 10:08:57 +0100

Hi folks,

Now that Exceed doesn't crash on a regular basis, I find that I run many
Emacs sessions for days or even a whole working week.  Unfortunately,
for those Emacs sessions, this means that the only backups I have for
files I visit in those sessions are days old or even a whole week.  For

I start Emacs on Monday and visit some files.
I spend the whole week making edits & saving the files, but on Thurs I
realise I want some change I made earlier in the week to one of the
files, maybe Monday or Tuesday I can't quite remember, that I deleted a
day or so later.
I check the backup files only to discover there's only one for each
modified file---the one Emacs made the first time I saved on Monday.
The backup file is from the previous Friday.

I realise I can do C-u C-x C-s on an individual file, but that requires
me remembering (a) to do it, (b) whether I've done it already that day
given the large number of files I might be editing and (c) I save with
C-u C-x s because I tend to modify more than one file at a time.  What I
would like is to be able to tell Emacs to automatically make backups on
a daily basis, not just the first time I save a visited file.  Or maybe
some other configuration, e.g., make a backup when saving after a number
of hours since the last backup was made for the visited file.

WDYT?  Simon.

Simon Marshall, Misys International Banking Systems
1 St. George's Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4DR, UK
Email: address@hidden Web: www.misys.com
Phone: +44 20 8879 1188 Fax: +44 20 8879 1764

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