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address@hidden: fontsets in 21.3]

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: address@hidden: fontsets in 21.3]
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 13:14:46 -0600 (MDT)

Can you investigate this and explain the problem
so someone else can write a fix?

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To: address@hidden
Subject: fontsets in 21.3
From: Dave Love <address@hidden>
Date: 07 Jun 2002 12:18:40 +0100
Sender: Dave Love <address@hidden>

I don't know whether there's a reasonable solution, but the fontset
definitions in 21.2/3 give bad results in XFree 4.1 (Debian testing),
at least.

First, fontset-standard now gets me sony-fixed (a fairly nasty serifed
font) for ascii and latin-1.  It (and fontset-default) also gets
useless iso-10646 fonts to display mule-unicode characters; XFree 4.1
has most of its fonts recoded to 10646 with a repertoire which
typically only covers a subset of Latin.

For general 10646 coverage (including the technical symbols I want),
only gnu-unifont fits the bill as far as I know, so perhaps that
should be named explicitly.
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