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Re: NT Emacs make problem..

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: NT Emacs make problem..
Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 07:48:17 +0300 (IDT)

On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Richard Stallman wrote:

> Since this is so short, it would be nice not to have a separate file
> for it.  If we put this into INSTALL, would it be conspicuous enough
> for people to notice it?  I am not sure.  If people would overlook it
> there, that would be a reason for a separat file.

INSTALL is a very large file, so I'm afraid this info will get lost 
there.  I think a separate file is better, especially since more info 
will probably be added to it as time passes.

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