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Re: Is it just me, or did 21.3.50 get a whole lot slower?

From: D. Goel
Subject: Re: Is it just me, or did 21.3.50 get a whole lot slower?
Date: 19 Jun 2002 02:23:13 -0400
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
> > it seems that when things get slow, everything gets slow.. it seems to
> > take emacs a minute to even recognize a C-n ... 
> Is it really a minute, or just ``too long to wait''?

I think the latter.   Will try to measure it the next time it occurs,
and get back. 

While i was writing this email, some more 'reflection' happened, and I
now suspect that this might rather be a problem due to glue.umd.edu
shrinking the CPU cycles it provides to emacs, and may not be an emacs
problem (see below).

> If it really takes a minute, I'd first try to see if your system
> runs out of physical memory and starts paging.  Do you see amy
> significant disk activity during this time?

oh, this always happens to, say, foo.glue.umd.edu----a remote machine
i log into, so can't really find out disk activity :( 

> Also, please set garbage-collection-messages non-nil and see if GC
> is happening during those periods of slow-down.

 Thanks Eli.  Always been non-nil.  And the 'freezes' were not GC.

(What had initially made me suspect emacs was:

  I will be logged into foo.glue.umd.edu from one putty from a PC and
  using emacs.

  And i will be logged into the same foo.glue.umd.edu from another
  putty from the same windoze PC and using tcsh.

 The latter continues to be responsive, while the former sometimes
 'froze' up for ages, (that's i assumed this is an emacs problem)...
 This always seemed to happen after the emacs was 'big', and the
 terminal would be idle.  So, i would go to the emacs and type
 something, trying to 'activate' it.. but it will remaiin sluggish for
 a long time---say 5--10 minutes..  (by then i would have killed
 it.. :-)

As mentioned above, i think this could be due to glue.umd.edu
shrinking Emacs' CPU time with time----emacs would have been an
application 'idle for half the time' and a 'memory hog' the remaining
time, and running for 10 hours---perhaps all of these things
contribute to CPU-cycle- shrinking on a 'shared system'...

I think i have never observed the slow-emacs phenomenon on any of the
local SunOS's in my company.. so less sure than ever that this is an
emacs problem. 


Thanks to all of you for caring. 


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