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Re: Integrate Tramp

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Integrate Tramp
Date: 21 Jun 2002 04:48:24 +0900

address@hidden (Kai Großjohann) writes:
> The other alternative would be to change Tramp to use a filename
> format that's similar to the format used by Ange-FTP and to call
> Ange-FTP for some user/host combinations if the method is not
> specified.  This would entail removing ange-ftp from
> file-name-handler-alist, I guess.  It would also mean that all Tramp
> filenames should use the Ange-FTP `style'.

I think you should do this.

My impression is that the main reason you chose the [...] syntax for
tramp is to avoid conflicts with ange-ftp; it seems cleaner and more
user-friendly to just use the same syntax for both, especially since
ange-ftp's syntax is basically a subset of tramp's, and now you have
the freedom to integrate them.

I think most people would agree that the ange-ftp-style syntax is a bit
nicer anyway (and familiar to more people), especially when most of the
details are defaulted based on the machine name or whatever.

[You could support the old tramp syntax by translating it to the
ange-ftp-style syntax]

BTW, it seems like a somewhat arbitrary fact that the package doing
remote-access is called `tramp', so how about giving the variable used
to specify remote access methods a more generic name like
`remote-file-...' or something?

Next to fried food, the South has suffered most from oratory.
                        -- Walter Hines Page

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