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Re: Integrate Tramp

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Integrate Tramp
Date: 21 Jun 2002 23:25:09 +0900

Jon Cast <address@hidden> writes:
> Can't you let an empty user name be the same as the current user?
> Then you can specify just a host and a method by saying
> `/@address@hidden:'.  I suppose you could do the same to omit the host:
> `/address@hidden@:'.

You could, but it would be (1) inconsistent with ange-ftp syntax, 
(2) kind of annoying to keep typing those @ signs when it's really
not necessary, and (3) ugly.


"I distrust a research person who is always obviously busy on a task."
   --Robert Frosch, VP, GM Research

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