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Re: Building emacs with and without X -- packaging question.

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: Building emacs with and without X -- packaging question.
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 11:02:19 -0500
User-agent: Gnus/5.090006 (Oort Gnus v0.06) Emacs/21.2 (i386-pc-linux-gnu)

"Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> writes:

> I don't think there's a way except make distclean, configure (with
> appropriate switches), then make.

OK, thanks.

Working from the latest official 21 release I added fontset.o to
SOME_MACHINE_OBJECTS and then built two trees, one with X and one
without.  Then I ran a diff on the two trees.  Ignoring all the config
related files and the files that only differ by a "Date:" (mostly
quail .el files) I still find some differences and wanted to make sure
those were OK.  Looks like cus-load.el differs, and so do some
executables and libraries (the latter two of which I expect are fine).

Below is the diff for cus-load.el.  Since this is a file that is
normally installed, so how should it be handled between the two emacs
packages (X and no-X)?

diff -x Makefile.c -x config.h -x epaths.h -x *.o -x fns-21.2.1.el -x 
config.status -x config.log -x Makefile -x config.cache -ruN 
--- debian/tmp-build-emacs/lisp/cus-load.el     Sat Jun 22 01:17:18 2002
+++ debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lisp/cus-load.el Sat Jun 22 01:25:32 2002
@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@
 (put 'feedmail-spray 'custom-loads '("feedmail"))
 (put 'idlwave-external-programs 'custom-loads '("idlwave"))
 (put 'strokes 'custom-loads '("strokes"))
-(put 'mouse 'custom-loads '("faces" "mouse" "menu-bar" "avoid" "mouse-sel" 
"msb" "mwheel" "strokes" "tooltip" "goto-addr" "artist"))
+(put 'mouse 'custom-loads '("faces" "menu-bar" "avoid" "mouse-sel" "mouse" 
"msb" "mwheel" "strokes" "tooltip" "goto-addr" "artist"))
 (put 'nnmail-various 'custom-loads '("nnmail"))
 (put 'smiley 'custom-loads '("smiley-ems"))
 (put 'extensions 'custom-loads '("generic" "time-stamp" "wid-edit" 
"cust-print" "eldoc" "page-ext"))
@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@
 (put 'reftex-making-and-inserting-labels 'custom-loads '("reftex-vars"))
 (put 'calendar-hooks 'custom-loads '("calendar"))
 (put 'mailalias 'custom-loads '("mailalias"))
-(put 'frames 'custom-loads '("frame" "faces" "scroll-bar" "menu-bar" "desktop" 
"ediff-wind" "imenu" "two-column" "rsz-mini"))
+(put 'frames 'custom-loads '("frame" "faces" "menu-bar" "desktop" "ediff-wind" 
"imenu" "two-column" "rsz-mini"))
 (put 'gnus-server 'custom-loads '("gnus"))
 (put 'paren-showing 'custom-loads '("paren"))
 (put 'dos-fns 'custom-loads '("dos-vars"))
@@ -998,8 +998,6 @@
 (custom-put-if-not 'custom-comment-face 'group-documentation nil)
 (custom-put-if-not 'custom-raised-buttons 'custom-version "21.1")
 (custom-put-if-not 'custom-raised-buttons 'standard-value t)
-(custom-put-if-not 'gnus-article-x-face-command 'custom-version "21.1")
-(custom-put-if-not 'gnus-article-x-face-command 'standard-value t)
 (custom-put-if-not 'gnus-inhibit-user-auto-expire 'custom-version "21.1")
 (custom-put-if-not 'gnus-inhibit-user-auto-expire 'standard-value t)
 (custom-put-if-not 'show-paren-ring-bell-on-mismatch 'custom-version "20.3")

I presume these differences are probably expected and OK:

Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/b2m and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/b2m differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/ctags and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/ctags differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/cvtmail and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/cvtmail differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/digest-doc and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/digest-doc differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/ebrowse and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/ebrowse differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/emacsclient and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/emacsclient differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/emacsserver and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/emacsserver differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/etags and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/etags differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/fakemail and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/fakemail differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/hexl and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/hexl differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/make-docfile and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/make-docfile differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/movemail and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/movemail differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/profile and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/profile differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/sorted-doc and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/sorted-doc differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/test-distrib and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/test-distrib differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lib-src/yow and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lib-src/yow differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/lwlib/liblw.a and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/lwlib/liblw.a differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/src/emacs and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/src/emacs differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/src/emacs-21.2.1 and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/src/emacs-21.2.1 differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/src/prefix-args and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/src/prefix-args differ
Binary files debian/tmp-build-emacs/src/temacs and 
debian/tmp-build-emacs-nox/src/temacs differ

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org, @linuxdevel.com, and @debian.org
Previously @cs.utexas.edu
GPG=1C58 8B2C FB5E 3F64 EA5C  64AE 78FE E5FE F0CB A0AD

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