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list-load-path-shadows results be clickable..

From: D. Goel
Subject: list-load-path-shadows results be clickable..
Date: 23 Jun 2002 16:29:08 -0400
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i would like to work on making the results of M-x
list-load-path-shadows clickable----

viz. when you press RET on a result, it displays the 'diff -cw' among
 the two files...

Wanted the blessings of this list before i start that :) , and any

My plan is as follows:  Consider this result-->

 ~/emacs/ee hides ~/ee

i want to make all terms above clickable--->

Clicking ~/emacs/ee will show me that file in the other window..
Clicking ~/ee will show me that file in another window.
finally, clicking on 'hides' will show the 'diff -cw'.


(Or does anyone know if this has been already done somewhere that i don't know
of? )


(IMHO, that will be very useful---
 often the shadows arise because i may have made changes to some
 default file and stored the modified version in my ~/emacs/ while i
 am waiting for the patch to be approved :)...
 and i very often feel a need to see the diff -cw between the files
 shadowing each other..)



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