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Re: Patch for Emacs X focus issue

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Patch for Emacs X focus issue
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 23:14:49 +0200 (CEST)

>     The code in question ignored FOCUS_IN_EVENT when looking for pending
>     input. 
> That was the intention.  There was a bug report that input-pending-p
> reported that there was input available, even when it was just a focus
> change.  I made this change to fix that.
>           So when a new frame got focus, the modeline face was not
>     changed immediately to the "active" looking face.
> It is right to fix that bug, but simply removing the change is not
> correct.  That would reintroduce the other bug.

I have considerably reduced the number of FOCUS_IN_EVENTs generated with
this patch.  On the configuration used where the input-pending-p problem
occured (Gnome/sawfish), with a simple test case (make two frames,
open up one menu and close it, first on the second frame, then on the first,
kill emacs) generated 30 FOCUS_IN_EVENTs with the old code.
With this focus patch the number is 6.

It would be great if the original poster of the input-pending-p
problem could retest with this patch to see if the problem remains.
Is that possible? (Cc:ing the reporter of that bug).

I initially solved the "modline face" bug by making two events, one
FOCUS_IN_EVENT followed by an empty HELP_EVENT.  Since this triggers
input-pending-p anyway, I guess it is a bad fix.

A way to fix the "modline face" bug (I noticed now that the cursor also
doesn't start blinking) would be to let only Finput_pending_p ignore
FOCUS_IN_EVENTS.  Is that a way to go?

        Jan D.

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