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Re: Lowercase text after full stop on describe-variable

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: Lowercase text after full stop on describe-variable
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 10:54:56 +0200

I've commited the patch to `describe-function' (`describe-function-1',
really) to show obsolescence information like `describe-variable' does

Still, any kind of decision is needed about the issue of formatting of
the documentation. Currently there's a mismatch between the describe-*
functions and `byte-compile-obsolete'. The three of them write an
obsolete message and then the NEW info (NEW as in the argument to
`make-obsolete' and `make-obsolete-variable', I mean). But the
describe-* functions do it after a full stop, while `byte-compile-obsolete'
does it after a semicolon.

Example output from `describe-variable':

> post-command-idle-delay's value is 100000
> Documentation:
> This variable is obsolete since before 19.34.
> use timers instead, with `run-with-idle-timer'.
> Delay time before running `post-command-idle-hook'.
> This is measured in microseconds.

Example output from `byte-compile-obsolete':

> c:/usr/wrk/pru.el: In toplevel form
> c:/usr/wrk/pru.el:1:7: warning: post-command-idle-delay is an obsolete 
> variable since before 19.34; use timers instead, with `run-with-idle-timer'.

I think the best answer would be to put all obsolete info
non-capitalized and then make the describe-* functions capitalize it on
the fly.



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