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`eshell-under-cygwin-p' etc. inappropriate?

From: John Paul Wallington
Subject: `eshell-under-cygwin-p' etc. inappropriate?
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 10:24:03 +0100

I was suprised to discover that the following change was applied to
Emacs yesterday:

2002-04-09  John Paul Wallington  <address@hidden>

        * esh-util.el (eshell-under-cygwin-p): New function.
        * em-cmpl.el (eshell-cmpl-ignore-case): Use it.
        * em-dirs.el (eshell/cd): Ditto.
        * em-glob.el (eshell-glob-case-insensitive): Ditto.
        * em-hist.el (eshell-previous-matching-input-string-position): Ditto.
        * esh-ext.el (eshell-binary-suffixes): Ditto.

This was a patch I suggested for the eshell XEmacs package. I'm not
certain it is appropriate for XEmacs, but I don't think it should have
been installed in Emacs.  I thought it had been rejected, rightly.

In Emacs, the eshell files are located in the lisp/eshell subdirectory
so the ChangeLog entry is wrong (they suit the XEmacs package layout).
Furthermore, `eshell-under-cygwin-p' is a misleading name: it should
probably be `eshell-under-xemacs-cygwin-p' or similar.

I don't understand why these changes were installed now, four months
after they were suggested.

John Paul Wallington

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