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Re: Several serious problems

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Several serious problems
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 03:42:26 -0400

> >     Yes, that helps a lot.  I must go into the RC branch, please, to make
> >     it available to the public.
> >
> > It might depend on too many other changes to be easy to put into RC.
> Since such a patch would prevent file corruptions from happening it's
> worth all effort.  IIRC, the reason not to install the unification
> feature was: "it isn't tested enough".  Of course, this argument isn't
> valid since we need a solution for a known problem -- users already
> suffering too long.

ucs-tables is installed in the RC branch and will thus be part of Emacs-21.3.
It is not turned on by default, tho.  I think it's safe to turn on
unify-8859-on-encoding-mode (as is done on the trunk), but I'll let
others judge.
After all, it's supposed to be a bug-fix release and this is
not quite a bug-fix in that things work as designed (it's just
that the design doesn't do what the user wants).


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