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Re: Which files to proofread

From: D. Goel
Subject: Re: Which files to proofread
Date: 17 Aug 2002 23:06:09 -0400
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I read through glossary.texi and found no inaccuracies or bugs[1]. 

combining this with Harald's mails, these are the files remaining. So,
folks, please help out by reading through :-) some of the files
below. It was very entertaining and educational for me :)

Never-read files:

>     abbrevs.texi ack.texi anti.texi basic.texi building.texi
>     calendar.texi commands.texi display.texi doclicense.texi
>     entering.texi files.texi fixit.texi frames.texi glossary.texi
>     gnu.texi help.texi indent.texi m-x.texi macos.texi
>     maintaining.texi major.texi mark.texi mini.texi misc.texi
>     msdog.texi mule.texi picture.texi programs.texi regs.texi
>     rmail.texi screen.texi search.texi sending.texi text.texi
>     trouble.texi windows.texi xresources.texi

the following files have been read atleast once:

If you have proofread some other files, please follow up here, and
update the two lists above :) 

[1] one minor thing: the entryfor SpellChecking says: Emacs
spellchecks using ispell.  More accurately, it should be "By, default
....", since emacs can use aspell etc.  But i don't make a big deal of
it.  /me likes GNU's ispell :-)


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