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Re: keymap in yank-excluded-properties

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: keymap in yank-excluded-properties
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:29:49 -0400

> > [BTW, if it's decided that this _is_ a good feature, please call the
> > property something like `yank-preserved-properties' (actually I'm rather
> > fond of `yankable-properties') and make it a list of property names or t.]
> Sorry that the diff makes the change look complicated but what I
> proposed was an introduction of a new text property
> `yank-preserve-all-properties' instead of a new variable
> `yankable-properties' that holds properties to preserve.  The actual

Miles didn't propose a variable.  He just suggested a more general
property with a different name and which includes yours as a special case.

> proposed change is an insertion of the following single line with a
> corresponding closing parenthesis at the end.
>    (unless (text-property-any start end 'yank-preserve-all-properties t)

Use the -b and -w switches to diff to make the diff more human
readable (and a bit less computer-usable, but it's OK in this case).


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