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last character on line different when behind invis text?

From: Damien Elmes
Subject: last character on line different when behind invis text?
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 23:59:32 +1000
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Hey folks,

I'm the new maintainer of emacs-wiki as of recently. Someone let me know about
some differing behavior which occurs in the current emacs CVS (I'm still on here, and the same thing is happening).

The problem manifested itself in end-of-visible-line's behavior changing so
that it jumps over all lines ending with invisible text. When sitting at the
end of a normal line, hitting c-x = says that the character at point is a C-j.
This occurs on all emacs releases.

What appears to have changed in CVS is that c-x = on the end of a line with
invisible characters in it, actually reveals the last invisible character,
instead of the new line.

Was there any reason for this change? I can't find it in the NEWS file, and it
breaks emacs-wiki (since kill-line uses end-of-visible-line, killing an
[[ExtendedWikiLink]] actually keeps killing lines until it encounters a line
not ending with invisible text. The only way I can see around this at the
moment is adding a non-invisible character to the end of the line, which leads
me to think it's a bug - but it's quite possible i'm being naive.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Damien Elmes

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