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Re: Suggestions for mode-line-format changes

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Suggestions for mode-line-format changes
Date: 27 Aug 2002 13:56:11 +0900

Michael Kifer <address@hidden> writes:
>     Miles> I'd like it so that command in one of the source buffers
>     Miles> simply mapped to the control buffer, which would stay
>     Miles> hidden (even when `in use').
> This info is present, since each buffer has a local var that contain the
> list of control buffers of the ediff sessions related to it.

Ok; so perhaps the following would suffice:

  * A minor-mode that just contains a keymap full of appropriate
    commands that redirect to the first ediff control-buffer in the list
    (perhaps conditionalized on buffer-read-only like in diff-mode).
    It looks like `ediff-prepare-buffer-hook' could be used to turn on
    the minor mode in each source buffer.

  * An ediff window-configuration function that always keeps the
    control-window hidden.

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