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Re: Suggestions for mode-line-format changes

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: Suggestions for mode-line-format changes
Date: 27 Aug 2002 14:37:38 +0900

Michael Kifer <address@hidden> writes:
> >   * A minor-mode that just contains a keymap full of appropriate
> >     commands that redirect to the first ediff control-buffer in the list
> >     (perhaps conditionalized on buffer-read-only like in diff-mode).
> >     It looks like `ediff-prepare-buffer-hook' could be used to turn on
> >     the minor mode in each source buffer.
> Pretty much.  However, I think that defaulting to one of the active control
> sessions is no good.  Could be too confusing and frustrating.
> Need a mechanism to set the default session.

I think that 99% of the time, the control-buffer list will only have one
entry anyway, and it's obviously harmless to `default' in _that_ case!

I also think it's a good idea to worry about the common case before the
worst case, especially since the worst case is already covered, by the
existing control-window mechanism.

Note that:

  * I'm not suggesting that this minor-mode be turned on by default,
    just that it be available for people like me that don't like the
    normal UI (though perhaps with the `buffer-read-only'
    conditionalization, it wouldn't hurt to have it on by default).

  * If the control buffer isn't hidden, you can use it just like
    always, so no functionality is really lost.  I suspect that if
    people start having multiple simultaneous ediffs on the same
    buffer, they're going to want to use the control-buffer windows
    anyway, for the reasons you gave earlier.

    If they want to use the source-buffer minor-mode commands in
    _addition_ to the control-buffer in a `complex' ediff situation, a
    good solution might be to simply reorder each source-buffer's
    control-buffer list everytime an ediff command is given, so that the
    command-giving control-buffer is first in the source-buffer's list.

    This way, the `ediff session' invoked by the minor-mode will always
    be the most recent one invoked via control-buffer, without needing
    any additional command for setting defaults or whatever.  This seems
    like a straight-forward solution that will usually do the right
    thing even in complex cases.

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