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Re: plan for code freeze

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: plan for code freeze
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 16:15:09 -0400

> > CVS has special support for symlinks-in-the-repository, so it should
> > work, and if it doesn't, then CVS will tell you (I seem to remember that
> > there are limits to what CVS handles).
> > It is already used for emacs/src/regex.[ch] which is symlinked
> > with gnulib/regex.[ch].
> this is a stunning revelation to me (I had some quite disastrous
> experience with symlinks in the CVS some years ago, and the CVS manual
> on the cvshome.org appears to support my understanding that symlink and
> CVS do not work together at all).
> Could you please be more specific: how do symlinks work?

I think you confuse the issue of revision-control of symlinks
in your project, against using symlinks inside the repository.

You indeed cannot store and revision control symlinks into the repository
(the typical workaround is to use a revision-controlled Makefile
which creates the symlinks and to just do `make' after every
`cvs update').

But you can use symlinks inside the repository for purposes of
providing the same RCS file(s) under a few different names in the CVS
repository and such that updating one automatically updates
the other(s) (because they really are one and the same).


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