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Re: callint.c:506

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: callint.c:506
Date: Fri, 30 Aug 2002 02:09:41 -0400

    > Why do you want to advise read-command?
    Emacspeak advices nearly every interactive function to get spoken prompts.

Do you really mean that each and every command (interactively callable
function) in Emacs has an advice in Emacspeak?  What a horribly
cumbersome method that is.

Or do you really mean something else when you say "interactive
function"?  I suspect maybe you do, because read-command is not an
interactive function (it has no `interactive' spec).

Emacspeak is important enough, and the general class of applications
it belongs to is important enough, that it would be worth while to add
features to make such a thing easy to do.

    2. Introduce a new hook (prompt-hook?) which would get called
    for every minibuffer prompt displayed.

    Solution 2 seems more involved, but it would make things more cleaner

Is minibuffer-setup-hook sufficient to do the job?  If not, we could
add some other hook.  However, in order for us to figure out what
hooks are the best way to do this job, you have to make it clearer
what you are trying to achieve.

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