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[holidays.el] Holidays spanning an amount of time

From: Jorgen Schaefer
Subject: [holidays.el] Holidays spanning an amount of time
Date: 06 Nov 2002 17:21:31 +0100
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Hi there!
I had the problem that my holidays as a student aren't just
specific days, but spans of days, e.g. spring break and similar.
Currently, calendar/holidays.el doesn't offer a way to define
something like that. The following function adds that

(defun holiday-block (m1 d1 y1 m2 d2 y2 descr)
  "Return a list of ((month day year) string) of visible holidays from
the span M1/D1/Y1 to M2/D2/Y2."
  (let ((start (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian (list m1 d1 y1)))
        (end (calendar-absolute-from-gregorian (list m2 d2 y2)))
        (lis '()))
    (while (<= start end)
      (setq lis (cons (list (calendar-gregorian-from-absolute end)
      (setq end (- end 1)))
    (filter-visible-calendar-holidays lis)))

It is used just as you might think:

(setq calendar-holidays
      '((holiday-block  2  8 2003  4  6 2003 "Vorlesungsfreie Zeit")

I hope you find it useful.

        -- Jorgen

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