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Gtk version getting closer

From: Jan D.
Subject: Gtk version getting closer
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 20:39:07 +0100 (CET)


I am getting closer to getting a Gtk version done.  I estimate I can
check in something useful in a week or two.

I have some questions about how to proceed.

Shall the code be reviewed by this list or any individual before
a possible checkin?

Does this go in a separate branch (how do you "branch" new files) or
directly to CVS latest?  It should not have any impact on current
toolkits, but perhaps better safe than sorry?

Which version of autoconf is the recommended?  Does that version have
builtin tests for Gtk?  If not, is it OK to add a aclocal.m4 file
with those tests?  I think there was such a file previously, but it
is now gone.

I would like to finish dialogs and a scrolling problem (repeat doesn't
work, some bad interaction with Gtk and Emacs timers) before I start
to merge it into CVS latest.  I am currently working off a CVS from
the middle of June.  If I got the time, I will rewrite the
file dialog from Gtk and hopefully it will be accepted into Gtk proper.
If not, I plan to just put it in Emacs (the Gtk file dialog crashes
Emacs if the current directory contains a Latin-1, or rather non-UTF8,

This port tries to reuse as much as it can of current X code, so
it is very dependent on X.  For example, all drawing is done with
standard X calls.  The event loop is mostly unmodified (split into
two functions, but no major code changes).
This makes this a bit of a bastard when it comes to X resources.
For example, geometry is taken from X resources, but fonts and
colours for Gtk widgets must be specified in the Gtk way (~/.gtkrc-2.0).

The toolbar is not a Gtk toolbar, it is the standard Emacs toolbar. 
I haven't decided if I will try to change that, the advantage would
be the possibility to have a detachable toolbar.  There are detachable
menus already, except detaching popup menus does not work, I don't
know why yet.  Menus could be optimized, it currently rebuilds the
whole tree when menus change, this is not optimal.

I am also not sure if I will do tooltips in menus, I find that to be a bit
of a strange user interface solution.  Mac OSX does not have them
for example.

There are probably tons of bugs, but the more that can run this, the
faster they will be found.  Also, I wan't to get this in such a
shape I can start doing all the other things I have on my TODO list :-)


        Jan D.

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