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Re: TODO additions

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: TODO additions
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 07:06:53 -0500

    |> I think it will be hard to make Autoconf set those symbols.  For
    |> instance, consider the variable ORDINARY_LINK.  How would Autoconf
    |> determine that?  It is possible that all modern systems use
    |> ORDINARY_LINK and we can eliminate the conditional, but otherwise
    |> I see no substitute for handling it the way we do now.

    Instead of letting autoconf determine the right [sm]/*.h file, it just
    defines the respective symbols instead.

Autoconf does not determine which *.h files to use.
configure decides that based on the configuration name.
Indeed, the proposal that was made was that Autoconf should
determine on its own the definitions that are now in the *.h files.

ORDINARY_LINK is one of those symbols.  Right now it is defined in
certain *.h files.  Part of this proposal is that Autoconf should
define it directly.

I therefore challenge anyone to show a way that Autoconf can determine
the proper value for ORDINARY_LINK.  I don't think this is easy.

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