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Feature request: yank-with-replace

From: Luke Hutchison
Subject: Feature request: yank-with-replace
Date: 08 Nov 2002 14:02:27 -0700

I have a request for a small feature that I think would be very useful. 
(I hope this is the right list for it!)

It would be very nice to replace values as a region is being yanked: for
example, you have some code that performs operations on the
x-coordinates of something, and you want to duplicate the code for the
y-coordinates, so you select it, kill it, yank it and then go back and
change all the 'x's to 'y's.  This can leave you with inconsistent code,
if you don't catch them all (ever hear the expression, "Cut'n'paste gets
you every time"?)...

I propose adding yank-with-replace, which asks you for a search and
replace string before the kill buffer is yanked-from, to take care of
situations like this.  yank-with-replace-query-regexp would probably be
useful too, which would yank and then run a query-regexp on the region
that you just yanked.

I can't seem to find this feature in emacs, and don't have any emacs
development background, but I imagine that adding this would be trivial
for an emacs programmer.

Does it seem that this feature would be useful?

Luke Hutchison.

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