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XPM via Lisp in the toolbar

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: XPM via Lisp in the toolbar
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 18:32:25 +0100
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Some time ago I posted a library to deal with XPM images (internally:
convert them to PPM) to this group. I am currently working on this
again and at the same time I am hooking this library into the
functions that deal with images in general (mainly `create-image' and
`find-image'). The goal of the latter is that Emacs would support XPM
transparently wether it was compiled with xpmlib or not. I understood
that this was considered to be useful. My original purpose was to make
only gamegrid.el DTRT when Emacs was compiled without XPM support.

Now tool-bar.el uses `find-image' to find the appropriate image type
-- so far either XPM, PBM or XBM. With xpm.el hooked in, Emacs tries
to convert the icon in XPM format and put it on the tool-bar. I would
consider this as a feature, but: I am currently using MS Windows XP
and I noticed that the :mask property is not supported for images on
the toolbar. Images don't work properly on XP in general, but in the
normal case the image is displayed only with false colours. On the
toolbar they don't show up at all. This leads to a "tool-bar" which is

So is this going to be fixed? The image support on MS Windows needs
some bug fixes anyways, but at least the toolbar currently works (with
the PBM icons). Or should I disable my stuff for toolbar-icons in

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