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char-table-p (Re: Mac OS X 10.2.2 - Need to Recompile)

From: Katsumi Yamaoka
Subject: char-table-p (Re: Mac OS X 10.2.2 - Need to Recompile)
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:55:36 +0900
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Jun'ichi Shiono <address@hidden> has found the cause of
the "Symbol's function definition is void ((char-table-p))"
problem.  He said that building Emacs CVS as bootstrap is
successful if he canceled the following change:

2002-11-06  Dave Love  <address@hidden>
        * international/mule.el (set-buffer-file-coding-system):
        Call ucs-set-table-for-input.

>>>>> In <address@hidden> 
>>>>>   address@hidden (Andrew Choi) wrote:

> Brad Miller <address@hidden> writes:

>> Finally the compile dies a horrible death at:
>> Compiling /Users/bmiller/src/emacs/lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el
>>  >>Error occurred processing
>>    /Users/bmiller/src/emacs/lisp/progmodes/cc-mode.el: Symbol's
>>    function definition is void ((char-table-p))
>> make[1]: *** [compile] Error 1
>> make: *** [bootstrap] Error 2

>> Uggh!  Now I'm really stuck.  Any thoughts on what I can do?

> The current CVS code does not bootstrap correctly.  It has already been
> reported in gnu.emacs.help.

Here's a reverse patch:

*** mule.el~    Wed Nov  6 23:59:53 2002
--- mule.el     Thu Nov 14 02:50:59 2002
*** 1179,1188 ****
        (setq coding-system
            (merge-coding-systems coding-system buffer-file-coding-system)))
    (setq buffer-file-coding-system coding-system)
-   ;; This is in case of an explicit call.  Normally, `normal-mode' and
-   ;; `set-buffer-major-mode-hook' take care of setting the table.
-   (if (fboundp 'ucs-set-table-for-input) ; don't lose when building
-       (ucs-set-table-for-input))
    (set-buffer-modified-p t)
--- 1179,1184 ----

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