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Re: Gtk version getting closer

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Gtk version getting closer
Date: 14 Nov 2002 13:30:50 -0800
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>>>>> Jan D writes:
> I am not against tips, I just don't think showing them as today is
> a good idea.  The "What's this?" approach seems workable.  Then we
> could have even longer (multiline) tips.

Longer, but not too long.  Otherwise, you're moving into the territory
of describe-* commands.  And, no, the tooltip should not be the same
thing as the output of describe-key as, ultimately, the output of
describe-key could include active areas whereas the tooltip can't, so
the excess would be worthless.  Hmmm, maybe a "?" button to invoke the
tooltip and a "??" button to invoke describe-key...?

Plus, I think it might be reasonable to have tooltips on things like:

* sections of the modeline
* headers in mail messages
* horizontal scrollbar (mentioning truncate-lines)
* the menubar (toggle-menubar?)
* let your imagination flow...

David Masterson                David DOT Masterson AT synopsys DOT com
Sr. R&D Engineer               Synopsys, Inc.
Software Engineering           Sunnyvale, CA

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