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Re: pbm files and elisp manual

From: Oliver Scholz
Subject: Re: pbm files and elisp manual
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:12:11 +0100
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Nick Roberts <address@hidden> writes:

> Having *almost* installed my changes for gud.el and gdb-ui.el correctly, I've
> got the following questions :

>  1) I've also installed a set of 12 XPM image files in
>     emacs/lisp/toolbar whose names are all prefixed with gud. I see
>     that all the xpm files have a pbm counterpart. I don't know why
>     they are needed (do people really have binary displays ?) 

When black & white displays where discussed w.r.t. gamegrid.el, it was
pointed out that there may indeed still be a few people who use such

Besides that, as things stand currently, Emacs may be compiled without
support for XPM images. The PBMs are a fall-back then.

>  and presume these are generated from the xpm files.

I don't know for sure, but I really doubt that. The XPM in
lisp/toolbar/ do not contain any information for mono displays, the
PBMs OTOH are obviously cleaned up carefully.

>  Can someone please either install the pbm counterparts for me or
>  explain how to do it (whichever is easier) ?

You could convert the XPMs from the command line with the Netpbm tools
<URL: http://netpbm.sourceforge.net/>. I have not looked at your
icons, but converting colour images to black&white has a big chance to
result into ugly images that are hard to recognize. So I guess they
would need some manual clean-up.

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