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Patches for Gnu Emacs

From: Ben Key
Subject: Patches for Gnu Emacs
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 23:04:19 -0500

Attached to this message are 2 patches for Gnu Emacs.  The
patches are as follows:

  A patch to provide a partial Windows implementation of
  the function play-sound-internal.
  It is only a partial implementation in that only the
  :file and :volume keywords are supported.  The :device
  keyword, if present, is ignored.  The :data keyword, if
  present, will cause an error to be generated.
  This patch has not been changed since I last sent it to
  this list.

  A patch that address the following entry in etc/PROBLEMS:
    Emacs built on Windows 9x/ME crashes at startup on
    Windows XP, or Emacs built on XP crashes at startup
    on Windows 9x/ME.
  This patch has been updated since I last sent it to this
  list.  In my most recent version of the patch, I removed
  all calls to the functions OpenProcessToken,
  GetTokenInformation, LookupAccountSid, and
  GetSidIdentifierAuthority from init_user_info and replaced
  them with calls to wrapper functions.  These wrapper
  functions internally verify that Emacs is not running on
  Windows 9x, obtain the address of the wrapped function, and
  call the function via a pointer to the function.
  This change was suggested by Juanma Barranquero
  address@hidden  The reason for this change is that these
  functions are only officially supported by Microsoft under
  Windows NT / 2K / XP.  We can get away with calling them
  directly under Windows 9x except this is taking advantage
  of   an undocumented feature of the version of advapi32.dll
  found in Windows 9x and doing so causes an exception to be
  generated under Windows 9x.

If there are no objections from individuals on this list, I
will be adding these changes to CVS Monday.  In the
meantime, I would appreciate it if as many people as possible
were to test this patch.  I have already tested this patch
by building Emacs on Windows XP using both MSVC 6.0 and
MinGW 2.0 and verifying that the build of Emacs runs on
Windows 98 and that play-sound-internal functions properly.
In addition I have verified that nothing in my patch
inadvertently breaks the build in Gnu/Linux.

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