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Re: Solaris and configure.in

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Solaris and configure.in
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 11:51:05 -0800

> From: Francesco Potorti` <address@hidden>
> Organization: 
> Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 13:10:33 +0100
> The PowerPC reference platform and the sunos5 and solaris
> defaults are currently 2-5 on RC and 2-6 on the trunk.
> However, we now recognise in configure.in Solaris versions up to 2.8.

I see a terminology problem here.  There is no "Solaris 2.8".
There is a Solaris 8, which has SunOS 5.8 as a component.

Here is the relationship between SunOS versions and Solaris versions:

   SunOS      Solaris
   version    version
   -------    -------
   < 4.1.3    not applicable
   4.1.3      1.1
   4.1.3_U1   1.1.1
   4.1.4      1.1.2
   5.X        2.X  (0 <= X <= 6; X is an integer or X = 5.1)
   5.Y        Y    (7 <= Y <= 9; Y is an integer)

> Does any one know whether the PowerPC reference platform and the sunos5
> and solaris defults in configure.in should be upgraded to sol2-8?

The last Solaris version for the PowerPC was 2.5.1, so it wouldn't
make sense to update the PowerPC version to Solaris 8.

The most common version of Solaris in practice right now is probably
Solaris 8, so it might make sense to make that the default.  However,
I don't see why a default would be needed, since config.guess should
tell you which Solaris version you're running.

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