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Re: Problems with new GDB toolbar

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: Problems with new GDB toolbar
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 18:58:30 +0000

Alan Shutko writes:

 > Of more immediate concern, I noticed that the GUD variable value
 > tooltips don't seem to work in M-x gdba.  They don't show the
 > variable value, but rather a bunch of other junk.  I'm guessing the
 > parsing doesn't work with the --annotate flag to gdb.  Has anyone
 > taken a look at that yet?

That's right gdb-ui.el and tooltip.el both have their own process filter
function. The one in gdb-ui.el filters out the annotations (`the junk') while
the one in tooltip.el doesn't. If may be a simple fix but I'll have to
understand tooltip.el first.

More generally, my changes to gud.el are fairly minor (adding the toolbar and
accomodating gdb-ui.el) so it should still be pretty robust. gdb-ui.el, on
the other hand, is much less mature, and there are probably many things
that don't work properly.


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