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Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21

From: Steven Tamm
Subject: Re: Mac OS X: Rebuild Require after Security Update 2002-11-21
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 15:06:50 -0800

Yay.  I just checked it in.

        * unexmacosx.c (unexec_realloc): Use malloc_default_zone to
        determine the size of pointers alloced in unexed space instead
        of using possibly invalid emacs_zone pointers.  This fixes the
        binary incompatibility problems caused by updates to libSystem.B.

If anybody is making binary distributions publicly available, you should sync the change to unexmacosx.c and rebuild. And I invite anyone to look into adding a pre-flight/post-flight script to the Mac OS X installer to "backup" the apple-provided 21.1 binary if installing into /usr/bin. Some people on versiontracker were complaining.


Hi Steven,

Hey, that's some great debugging!!  With your change above, I was able
to verify that an executable dumped on 10.2.2 before the security update
can be run on one after the update was applied.  Please install the
change when you can.

Somewhat related, while working in unexmacosx.c, I notice the function
build_region_list.  This function is left over from earlier versions of
the file and is unnecessary since dumping is now based on the emacs_zone
regions.  I'll remove it at some point.


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