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Re: TODO additions

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: TODO additions
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:04:01 -0500

    What macros _mean_.  Consider some of the things used in systty.h:
    HAVE_TERMIOS mean _POSIX_ termios?  When should HAVE_TERMIO, NO_TERMIO
    be defined?  That sort of thing.

Some of them I don't know either.  The best way to figure out what one
of these macros means is to grep for the macro in the source files and
see what it controls.  Some may already be obsolete.

If someone would like to do this and document these macros better,
please do.

I think that HAVE_TERMIOS means something more or less like POSIX
termios.  HAVE_TERMIO refers to something that SysV used to have,
which was I believe the basis for the design of termios in Posix but
was not exactly the same, so Posix changed the name of it.
TCATTR is a specific system call or ioctl (I don't recall which)
so that could probably be tested for by Autoconf easily.

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