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Re: mouse cursor on MS-Windows. (revisited)

From: David PONCE
Subject: Re: mouse cursor on MS-Windows. (revisited)
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 14:43:02 +0100 (MET)

Hi All,

I submit you the attached patch to NT Emacs (HEAD) to display
different cursors, depending on mouse position.

This is a revisited patch from the original version posted by
"KOBAYASHI Yasuhiro" <address@hidden>.  See message:

The main differences are:

- Cursors are loaded only at frame creation in Fx_create_frame instead
  of each time the cursor change.  The Cursor type is actually a
  cursor handle instead of a resource identifier.  I think it is more

- Cursors are loaded via the new function `w32_load_cursor' that try
  first to load from application resources (defined in emacs.rc), then
  from global shared predefined one.  Thus it is possible to use
  cursors specifically built for Emacs ;-) More important that allows
  to provide a "hand" cursor for Windows 95 and NT for which a
  predefined one does not exists.  I added a sample hand.cur file in
  the nt/icons directory (maybe using a nt/cursor directory would be
  better?).  Notice that I got this hand.cur from winhelp.exe.
  Probably, for license reason, a specific version will be needed?

The patch includes some minor fixes too.  You will find a change log
at end.

Hope it helps.


------- Change log
        * src/w32term.c (w32_encode_char): For DIM=1 charset, set
        ccl->reg[2] to -1 before calling ccl_driver. (Sync. with xterm.c
        x_encode_char change by Kenichi Handa <address@hidden> on
        (w32_draw_relief_rect): Declare all args.
        (w32_define_cursor): New.
        (w32_initialize_display_info): Handle mouse cursor change.

        * src/w32term.h (w32_output): Added `hand_cursor' member.
        (WM_EMACS_SETCURSOR): New message.

        * src/w32fns.c (Vx_hand_shape): New.
        (w32_load_cursor): New.
        (w32_init_class): Use it.
        (w32_wnd_proc): Handle mouse cursor change message.
        (Fx_create_frame): Initialize frame cursors.
        (x_put_x_image): Declare all args.

        * src/w32menu.c (digest_single_submenu): Declare all args.

        * nt/emacs.rc (32649): Declare hand cursor resource.

        * nt/icons/hand.cur: Hand cursor.

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