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Re: Solaris and configure.in

From: Francesco Potorti`
Subject: Re: Solaris and configure.in
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 19:53:09 +0100

>I see a terminology problem here.  There is no "Solaris 2.8".
>There is a Solaris 8, which has SunOS 5.8 as a component.
>Here is the relationship between SunOS versions and Solaris versions:
>   SunOS      Solaris
>   version    version
>   -------    -------
>   < 4.1.3    not applicable
>   4.1.3      1.1
>   4.1.3_U1   1.1.1
>   4.1.4      1.1.2
>   5.X        2.X  (0 <= X <= 6; X is an integer or X = 5.1)
>   5.Y        Y    (7 <= Y <= 9; Y is an integer)
>> Does any one know whether the PowerPC reference platform and the sunos5
>> and solaris defults in configure.in should be upgraded to sol2-8?
>The last Solaris version for the PowerPC was 2.5.1, so it wouldn't
>make sense to update the PowerPC version to Solaris 8.
>The most common version of Solaris in practice right now is probably
>Solaris 8, so it might make sense to make that the default.  However,
>I don't see why a default would be needed, since config.guess should
>tell you which Solaris version you're running.

Paul, thanks for your answer, and sorry for my late reply.  

Right now, I am going to make a new pretest, so I went back to your
piece of information about the matter.  Unfortunately, this seems more
complex than I thought.  Neither in config.sub, nor in config.guess any
mention is made of solaris8, so changing configure.in would make no
sense, if I am right.

I plan to go on with the pretest and leave config.in as it is now (it
uses the tag "solaris2.8*"), but it would be better if you looked at
config.sub and config.guess and updated them to the new Sun's numbering
scheme, if that is the right thing to do.

Then config.in should be changed accordingly, both in RC and the trunk.

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