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Re: GTK patches part 1

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: GTK patches part 1
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2002 13:44:03 +0100 (MET)

>  (1) Some hunks didn't apply for some reason, though the failed hunks
>      _did_ apply when I tried in diff-mode, so perhaps there's a
>      character encoding issue.  I've appended a patch generated with
>      `cvs diff' that the patch program seems to be happy with.

I dont know why that happend, maybe a mailer issue.  Thanks for
the fixed patch.

>  (2) HAVE_GTK isn't defined in src/config.in, and I had problems getting
>      autoheader to do so (the autoheader invocation in the top-level
>      Makefile seems to not be correct, though maybe I screwed something
>      up).  I've also included this change in the patch at the end of
>      this message.

I don't understand why HAVE_GTK needs to be in config.in.  Can you

>  (3) The `xg_win_to_widget' function in gtkutil.c contained intermixed
>      declarations and statements, which is not legal C (I _think_ it's
>      legal in C99, but most people are using older compilers).

Spoiled by GCC 3 and years of C++.  I'll switch to GCC 2.95 for Emacs.

>  (4) It looks like the user has to give the `--with-gtk' option to
>      configure to enable GTK.  I think using `--with-x-toolkit=gtk'
>      would be more correct, at least from a user's perspective.

I just selected what other GTK programs seems to use.  In theory GTK
can run on other platforms than X (not this port though), But I can switch
(or have both?) if thats desired.


        Jan D.

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