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Re: specific coloring of diary calendar entries

From: Ami Fischman
Subject: Re: specific coloring of diary calendar entries
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:37:43 -0800
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> This is an ok feature, but it would be more useful if these tags
> can specify a semantic category whose visual presentation is
> defined elsewhere.

That might be more useful indeed, but I personally don't see using such an
extended system.  The calendar display is too crowded for underlines,
italics, boldface, or different fonts to be useful in quick visual
recognition.  If someone else wants such a feature and wants to code it, of
course, I would have no objection.  Such  a system would obviously obviate
the need for my patches.  However, I conjecture that people are simply not
that interested in having such fine-grained calendar displays...

  Ami Fischman

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