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Re: [Psgml-devel] Re: Key sequence C-c C-f C-e uses invalid prefix chara

From: Felix Gatzemeier
Subject: Re: [Psgml-devel] Re: Key sequence C-c C-f C-e uses invalid prefix characters
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 16:15:31 +0100


Just throwing my 'vote' in: yes to both.  Renaming is desirable, and
it is a major change.  It's a cleanup that may be considered overdue,
and I (as having put together some customizations and extensions)
consider it worth my effort (propagating the renaming to my c&es) to
have it fixed.

>>>>> "Lennart" == Lennart Staflin <address@hidden> writes:

    Lennart> On torsdag, dec 12, 2002, at 07:34 Europe/Stockholm, Karl
    Lennart> Eichwalder wrote:

    >> Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:

    >>>> - Use `psgml-' as prefix rather than `sgml-' so that the two
    >>>> packages can coexist peacefully.

    Richard> That is definitely the right way.

    Karl> Thanks for advise.  Lennart, do you agree with this change?


    Lennart> Dave Love wrote something earlier about including PSGML
    Lennart> in the Emacs distribution. I don't know the status of
    Lennart> this. But it could either be as a replacement of the
    Lennart> current sgml-mode or in addition to it. In the first case
    Lennart> no renaming is needed or desirable. In the second case I
    Lennart> think a renaming will be necessary.  I don't think it is
    Lennart> that much work to do a renaming, but it will break
    Lennart> existing extensions and customizations. It should be
    Lennart> considered a major change.

Best wishes,

Felix H. Gatzemeier                   address@hidden
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