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Re: Gtk patch version 2, part 1

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Gtk patch version 2, part 1
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 20:14:09 +0100 (MET)

> > Scrollbar problems is fixed, although some borderline cases look strange
> > (but they also look strange with Motif).
> Scrollbars seem to still be incorrect in one case: when the buffer is
> zero-length.  In this case, the scroll-bar thumb should cover the whole
> bar, but emacs-gtk displays a `tiny' thumb, as used when the document
> is very large.

I should have caught that.  It is an easy fix.  Thanks.

> I also notice that scrollbars flicker _a lot_, to the extent that it's
> pretty annoying.  This happens even if you just move the cursor around
> within the screen (so that no redraw should be necessary), but only when
> it moves to a new line, e.g., if you just repeat `C-n C-p C-n C-p ...'
> it will flicker for each command.

I will take a look.  It does not look terribly bad on my machine,
I will try on a slower one so the effect really shows.

> Also, menu display seems noticably slower than with `lucid toolkit'
> menus, but that may be just GTK being slow (or some sort of intentional
> delay).

This is probably due to the non-optimal rebuilding of Emacs menus that
this code currently does.  I wanted something working, so when Emacs
tells the UI code to rebuild menus, I basically throw away the old menus
and create new ones.  It has always been my plan to make this better,
I will move it up in priority.  I must do this for detachable menus

> I still don't want to use it for everyday use, because the menu bar is
> too big and ugly, but that's partially Gnome/GTK's fault -- it only
> seems to have _one_ font you can specify, which gets used for everything
> (and I want to keep the large font for my `panel' text)!
> Hopefully a future version of emacs-gtk will allow overriding some of
> the horrid GTK defaults...  I'd like, at least:  (1) menu font, and
> (2) some way to reduce the gratuitous whitespace used around menu-bar
> labels (there are at least two whitespace areas -- the whitespace which
> is `part of' the menu-label-button, and additional whitespace around
> that; I'd like to reduce the second to zero).

There are ways for 1 at least.  I don't know about 2, the code in Emacs
just uses the menubar widget as is.  I'll check if there is something
one can customize.  For 1) you can create a file  ~/.gtkrc-2.0
and put into it something like:

style "menubar"
  font = "-adobe-helvetica-medium-r-normal--12-*-*-*-*-*-iso8859-1"

widget_class "*GtkMenu*" style "menubar"

One can also use 'font_set = ...' or us Pango font names with
        font_name = "helvetica bold 14"

Unfortunately I haven't set names on all widgets yet, so the above
setting will affect all your GTK menus.  Later on, you can say somthing

  widget "Emacs.*.menubar.*" style "menubar"

        Jan D.

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