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Re: specific coloring of diary calendar entries

From: Ami Fischman
Subject: Re: specific coloring of diary calendar entries
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 14:27:43 -0800
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Richard Stallman <address@hidden> writes:


> I am not sure.  Perhaps being able to specify a face is good enough,
> and we don't need a categories feature.

I think this is the case.

>                                                                 and having an
>     sexp entry invoke it?
> These tags are much more convenient than sexp entries.
> To be able to specify a face (or category) with [...]
> would certainly be a good feature.

My stubborness is apparently less powerful than my boredom.  I went ahead
and implemented general tagging (so there will be [background:blah],
[face:fooblah], [slant:italic], etc possibilities).  

However, one biggish problem is still in my way: I was under the impression
that overlays stacked "sensibly" -- i.e., if two overlays cover the same
region, and one's face defines a foreground (only) and the other's face defines 
background (only) then the resulting text will show both.  This turns out
not to be the case.  Is there any way to "merge" overlays like this?  By
the time the calendar is getting marked up with the second entry for a
particular date, the first entry is long gone, so there isn't the
possibility of merging the attribute lists "by hand" at this point.  I know
about setting priorities for overlays, but this would still result in
"exclusivity" -- only one entry's colors show.

Any pointers as to how to stack overlays "transparently" appreciated.
Other workarounds for the problem also sought :)

  Ami Fischman

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