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Re: crash in RC branch

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: crash in RC branch
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:58:58 -0500

    I had mistakenly visited a long (about 14MB) rmail file, and I hit C-g
    while Emacs was reading it.  Since the connection is relatively slow,
    and I was forward typing, I do not know exactly what were the last
    commands.  However, this reminds me of a similar crash that I
    experienced some months ago in a similar situation.

    Today I have no time to try to debug it, and I do not expect to have
    much in the next days.  Here is a backtrace:

What I can tell anything from the backtrace alone
is that PT is screwed up, not between BEGV and ZV.
I suspect that quitting out of insert-file-contents left the
data inconsistent.  However, I can't be sure none of your
type-ahead was executed.

If you can make this happen again, you could use recent_keys
to see how much of your input actually got executed.

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